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Our plan to keep you healthy during your appointment

Covid-19 Safety Procedures


We will be reopening in a slow, gradual and vigilant manner according to the latest scientific data, beginning on May 11th. Please note that prices will increase by $15 to cover additional expenses. 

Our guidelines for reopening:

1. We will be allowing only one in-clinic appointment daily, Monday-Saturday until the end of May. This will allow very thorough cleaning and limit the chance of patient to patient exposure. We will only be accepting returning patients who have been able to shelter in place. Online scheduling will be disabled. Please contact me directly by text or phone call at 425-241-2882 or email at acumonki@gmail.com  If you have not been able to practice social distancing, I am offering telemedicine appointments. If you are a healthcare worker, food service worker or other essential worker – we appreciate you and will do your telemedicine appointments for FREE. 

2. All patients will receive a N-95 mask that they must wear during their appointments. I will also be wearing one. 

3. The night prior to your appointment, you will be called and screened for signs and symptoms of Covid-19 and most of your intake will be taken then to reduce face to face time. 

4. Please wait in your car until your appointment time. When it is time for your appointment, we will have a hand sanitizing station and sanitizing wipes for the door handle outside our clinic door. We will also take your temperature, check to make sure you have your mask on (and have ours on as well) and reaffirm you have no Covid-19 symptoms prior to entry. We ask that you also do not bring any non-essential personal items and come dressed for your appointment.

5. For your appointment, I will be wearing gloves. If it necessary for me to remove gloves, I will wash my hands in accordance with proper handwashing guidelines and re-glove as soon as possible. I will be wearing an N95 mask for your entire appointment AND a face shield when working near your head.


6. Cupping will still be available as part of a regular appointment. We have always and will continue to sanitize cups between uses, but at this time we will assign everyone who wants cupping their own allotment of cups which will be used only for them and stored separately at our clinic. 

7. All payment information will be taken prior to your appointment and charged after you leave (you will be emailed a receipt). We will be raising prices by $15 per person due to new costs. I know many of us have reduced income right now and if that is the case for you, please contact me. We can work something out and I’d rather you get the help you need rather than do without. 

8. We will thoroughly clean all surfaces after each patient and again prior to each appointment. You may also notice changes to furniture and linens as we reduce potential points of exposure.

We recommend that immune compromised or at-risk patients make use of our telemedicine appointments rather than come into the clinic until testing becomes more readily available. 


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We are currently not accepting online bookings. Please call or text us directly at 425-241-2882 or using the form below for in person and telemedicine appointments. We look forward to hearing from you!

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