Appointments are approximately 90 minutes for the initial appointment and 70 to 75 minutes in length for follow up appointments.

Acupuncture is so much more than needles, it includes:

  • Tuina or Shiatsu – therapeutic body work to address and treat specific patterns of disharmony using acupressure and other techniques.
  • Gua sha – use of smooth tools to realign damaged tissue and release adhesions.
  • Moxabustion and other warming therapies – gentle heat increases vitality, eases tension and promotes flow.
  • Electro-stimulation (E-stim) – electrodes provide gentle stimulation to muscles to dispel blockages or encourage activation.
  • Trigger points – releases prolonged muscle tension using precise acupressure techniques.
  • Cupping – like gua sha, it releases adhesions and restrictions, but does so by using gentle suction to lift tissue. You may have seen athletes using it during the latest Olympics. This can be booked separately as a 30 minute appointment.
  • Community Acupuncture – on the first and third Friday of each month, we offer acupuncture in a group setting. This provides a lower cost alternative AND a healing community.

Sports Medicine

Acupuncture can be highly effective in the treatment of injury due to an active lifestyle.

At Mix Acupuncture and Wellness, we have specialized in techniques to get you back to the activities you enjoy.

We also offer an additional consultation on movement analysis by Master Jason Mix, who can develop an individualized exercise plan to help you reach your goals. For more information on Jason Mix please see his biography on the About page.

Sports Medicine Image

Acupuncture Facial Revitalization

We also offer a luxurious 90 minute “Facial Acupuncture” treatment consisting of massage, custom facial masks using Chinese herbs, gentle cupping, cooling jade rollers and gentle needling.

You’ll look and feel refreshed and radiant afterwards.

Acupuncture Facial Revitalization Image


  • Acupuncture and Sports Medicine

    • Initial appointment (90 minutes) $125
    • Follow up appointments (60-75 minutes) $90
    • 4 session package $320
  • Movement Analysis Consultation

    • Initial appointment (90 minutes) $125
    • Follow up appointments (60-75 minutes) $90
    • 4 session package $320
  • Facial Acupuncture (90 minutes) $150

  • Cupping (20 minutes) $25

  • Community Acupuncture $25

Discounts available for senior citizens, students, military/first responders and people with special needs. Our goal is for everyone to have access to healthcare. If our prices are a barrier to your healthcare, we can discuss options.

We also highly value referrals and social media mentions: we offer $20 off for both the new patient and you. Social media mentions can garner you $5 off (to a max of $20)

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